So earlier today I noticed a new icon on the Google mainpage—it's "OK Google" (which has probably been around for a long time and I just now saw it), which, since it's a voice recognition program, I'm guessing is Google's attempt at Siri. Since I like new toys, I wasted several minutes of otherwise useful office hours trying different searches, all of which it pulled off with no problem.

Then I figured I'd try a foreign pronunciation. In the interests of giving it a fair shot, I went with a famous foreign name, Richard Wagner. It struggles with REE-kard VAHG-ner, and yields things like "e-card [something-or-other; I can't remember]," "[Wildly inappropriate term for someone with cognitive disabilities] vodka," and a few others (it nailed the search when I mispronounced the name as though it were an American name).

The program also talks to you, so if you search, say, "George Washington," it will tell you "Here is some information about George Washington," or "According to Wikipedia, George Washington was the first president of the United States," etc. When I gave ol' REE-kard one last try, I got the following results, with the Google voiceover person saying, and I quote, "Check out these results."

Wow, thanks, Google! I will check out those results, and I appreciate your programmers for knowing when to ignore what people ask for and give them what they really need.