So, I have been really busy, making that skrilla, and my girlfriend has been hanging out with her own coworkers more, and for the last month she has been telling me that she mostly has been hanging out with this one co-worker whom she described as a gay gentleman, and tonight she called me and said she was having people over.

Well, I get home from work and I meet the guy that she says she has been hanging out with more frequently for the last month, and he just asked me if I was her roommate.

I have not been drinking, and maybe I am overthinking things here, but if this was the fucking guy she has been hangin out with after work, since I started my job, how the fuck is he possibly asking me if I am her fucking roommate.

What the everliving fuck. It wasn't just that, it was the face he made when I said we had been together for 5 years that bothered me. Like, I saw something. I didn't like it.

Whatcha think Clashtalk?! Am I tripping? I don't know, I have been in kill mode all day.