It's kind of hard to make the case that you discovered a country when there were already people living there. Heck, even the more milquetoast "Yeah, but they were the first people to write/tell others about it" argument kind of falls apart, because a) Why would the people already living there need to tell anyone else?; and b) That's like saying that your friend who "discovered this great new restaurant" is just as responsible for its existence as the chef.

To that end, here's a map of what European explorers actually discovered (that is, there weren't already friendly people waiting on the beach to give them food and shelter). As it turns out, the Portuguese win on population, with over three million living in areas their explorers actually discovered. Russia wins on square kilometers. As for Norway? 34 square kilometers discovered, all of which are still unpopulated.

You suck, Norway.

Also, your explorers didn't do very much.