I don’t have a good title for this, but it’s about Hillary Clinton and Splinter.

I’m sure there is fine journalism on Splinter, but this reads like a text-post on a Bernout subreddit. You know, with the “Bernie woulda won!” types that make you wonder how they came to that conclusion, considering he lost, handedly, in the primary? But let me stop there. (#notallberniesupporters, I know.)

The one time I check Fusion...I mean Splinter, and this is it—it’s Diet Slate. I don’t know why I bothered.

Bernie lost. Hillary lost. We have a jaundiced toddler at the helm. This is the shit that peoole get worked up about? In fact, why do I even care about this shit? It’s frustrating. I’m no better but I’m not gonna lose my shit over a damned book tour.

I’ll admit I kinda want the book, though. Um, for my birthday? Yeah.

(Keep in mind a certain someone also went on a book tour last fall after he lost the Democratic primary and I’m surprised I haven’t seen anything on the completely batshit DNC fraud lawsuit.)