Curt Henderson was the white, Southern Californian teenager in American Graffiti played by Richard Dreyfus. Curt and his friends were having an adventurous last night of summer. Curt, who was flying out east to start college the next morning, participated in a robbery, committed some pretty pricey vandalism, and arguably assaulted a police officer. Wacky hijinks and great amusement all around β€” truly. And I know it's a movie. And I know that it's set in a different time. But if this had been about a group of black teenagers, do we honestly think the script could have stayed the same β€” and still be believable?

I didn't want to put this comment (which, for the record, I do realize is frivolous and reeking of white privilege) on the main pages, because I didn't feel like being flamed by a couple hundred angry burners. I just couldn't help thinking of this movie upon learning that Brown may have been involved in what this movie portrayed as wacky hijinks and that he's dead now and there are people who seem to think that that's somehow all right or even deserved.