Racism is a phase, like acne or your voice cracking!

Well it's from the same tape, so no, not surprising. But all indications are that he's moved on from that period of racism when he was a dumb 14-year-old.

What's racist keeps changing so much, you can't even recognize it from the video right in front of you:

Does being 'racist' nowadays even mean the same thing as it used to? People seem to just equate someone saying something negative about a different race as racism.


BTW, Kitsch Blues. It means the same fucking thing. You were always racist, it's just that now fewer people are all right with that.

It doesn't matter if you are racist if everybody already knows you are a douchebag AND /OR you are not a card carrying member of the KKK.

You know why I don't even care about any of this? Because Bieber is a typical bratty shit-stirrer. He knew it was shocking to people, that's why he did it. Bad behavior? Certainly. But I'm not thinking he's on the level of The Grand Wizard of the KKK for it. He IS a douchebag, that is unquestioned.


And thoughts of Jezebel has scrambled someone's brains:


This stream of racist videos is tiresome, but it is fascinating to see how the more evidence comes out, the more defenders/deniers/bigot-splainers one sees in the comments.

Thanks to that Anthony Cumia BS, I can add. Racism is just keeping it real:


It's so refreshing to hear something that you know is real, in comparison to all of the fakeness in the media, which is what they spend most of their time talking about, because no-one else will. Opies a bit of a masochist, Jim's into some freaky stuff, and Anthony is a borderline racist.