Every Day. That's what it means. Everyday, I work myself to the bone. I don't put forth nothing less. I sometimes feel like I have become something that is not who I am, something that isn't what I planned on being, but every day I feel like the luckiest son of a saint to put my head down next to the most beautiful lady, that for some reason unknown to me makes it all worth while.

She won't star this post, and if she read it she would say something fierce about me not saying it to her.

That is what makes life the adventure it always has been.

The joy of growing with someone. I can't believe she hasn't thrown a shit riot that I haven't actually married her yet. That it took me 5 years to nut up.

I don't know Clash. I don't know. But I am grateful that I get to put my head down next to the love of my life everyday.

I guess I am lucky. I just can't be cynical anymore about it.