A different approach to this would be "what movies do you judge people for liking?" — but I actually like a lot of objectively bad movies and feel we should be free to like what we like, find the things that sustain us, etc. etc. etc. whatever. However, there are definitely times when people have strongly expressed dislike for a movie that I've immediately internally re-classified them as "dead to me." Some movies are difficult and/or polarizing and/or complicated. I respect that we may not feel the same way about Eraserhead. However, some movies are just a fucking delight and resistance to them simply indicates proof of poor character.

1) Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. In this movie, the entire crew of the Enterprise travels "back in time" to 1980s San Francisco to literally save the whales. It is delightful. Stop taking yourself so goddamn seriously.

2) Dirty Dancing. What do you have against female coming of ages stories involving reproductive rights and a GIRL BECOMING A WOMAN, you sexist?

RIP Swayze. :(


3) Bull Durham. I refuse to have the stupid "it's not REALLY about baseball, it's about...." argument with people one more time. You know what? It is about baseball. And other shit. And it's glorious. I am judging you SO HARD for disliking this movie.


4) Jurassic Park. If you hate this movie you are bad and you should feel bad.


5) Big Night. There is literally nothing to dislike about this movie, you're just being obstinate. IT EVEN HAS STANLEY TUCCI.

Honorable mentions: Romancing the Stone, Pitch Perfect, Wall-E, Big Trouble in Little China, the "You Don't Know Bo" ESPN 30 for 30, the original Ninja Turtles live action, 10 Things I Hate About You.


Krull almost made this list but then it didn't. Some things aren't for everybody. I get it.

Also, I didn't put any of my favorite horror movies on this list because some people are scaredy-cats.