Please tell me I'm not the only person who's watched Netflix's original series Hemlock Grove, because I so want to hear other people's opinions about the show. Like, why is it so bad, and yet still compelling enough to make me tough out all thirteen ridiculous episodes of it? Why did I watch the whole series when it made me roll my eyes and groan so often I probably looked like I was having some sort of fit?

Is it just me, or was it a super-disjointed show? What on earth was the (MILD SPOILER) point of the bacon grease scene at the end? How am I supposed to like, connect to, or give one flying fuck about (LARGER SPOILER) a character that's a rapist?

On a positive note, it does have the coolest werewolf transformation sequences I've ever seen (although, admittedly, I exclusively watched this show on my fingerprint-covered, makeup-smeared iPad). I absolutely adore the idea of werewolves devouring the disgusting bloody remains of their human bodies after a transformation.

Still, why did I watch this show? Why will I probably watch season 2?

ETA: And has anyone read the book? I downloaded a sample of it onto my Kindle, to see if I could follow the story better in its original form, but the author appears to be unfamiliar with the concept of commas. Please tell me that was a flaw in my Kindle sample's formatting.

Second ETA: Samples of some truly excellent lines from Hemlock Grove:

  • "That woman is what she says she is like a Mexican hates fireworks.” What does that even mean?!
  • “This is a strange town, you can feel it in your balls.”
  • "Your smile makes the flowers grow and your tits make them bloom.”
  • “The animal did go snatch first.”