Dab life motherfuckers. Pot isn’t what y’all grew up on anymore. Shatter or oil has made “flower” smoking obsolete....almost.

My 2015 Cannibus cup experiance has given me hope that the world is finally growing to accept that this pot smoking train that Colorado has jumped on isn’t going to stop. Also I got so many free fucking samples that I won’t need to buy pot for.....hours. My buddy that went with me got into a tug of war match with a 60 year old lady over an ounce of pot that got thrown into the crowd. Unfortunatly for most the wind was blowing into the stage, so pretty much the first 3 or 4 rows had the pic of the litter on everything from edibles to quarter pound of the best cheeba colorado has to offer.

I have almost smoked myself blind over the last 4 days and have gone through 5 tubs of Ben and Jerrys. How the hell have y’all been?