Not writing on Clashtalk. I'm here waiting for my evening thunderstorm and still recovering from last night, when I finally decided to hang with my neighbors who'd given me an open invite to come over. They are PARTY ANIMALS.

We drank and smoked cigs, classic, then out came drugs. "We're gonna do some lines, do you mind?" No, but I declined as I always have (imagine my nerves plus an upper), but I took a couple of hits off this electric vaporizer or something. For a little while I giggled and had fun and then it hit me that I hadn't smoked in months, and months before that, and I totally can't handle it anymore. So I ended up stumbling home with dog (thank goodness it was a short walk) and FALLING ASLEEP IN MY MUD ROOM. I literally got into the door, closed it, and faceplanted and fell asleep for some period of time. Eventually got up and went to bed. My dog looked concerned. Cats, per usual, were indifferent.