My worst barf story isn't actually my own, but boy is it a doozy. Jenny Trout, the awesome blogger, author, and hilariously mean 50 Shades of Grey recapper once traded barf stories with me, and she was by far the clear winner.

She was at a concert in the hottest part of summer. She binge ate a huge amount of mozzarella sticks, and then began to feel sick from the heat, and oh, also probably the fact that she binge ate a ton of mozzarella sticks. She locked herself in a port-o-potty, which had been baking like a poop-filled oven all day, and proceeded to vomit so hard that thick ropes of cheese-puke were pouring from her nose. She had to PULL THE ROPES OF VOMIT-CHEESE FROM HER NOSE.

That's a hell of a barf story.