There is a lone gunman waging a war on facts on the "Looking For A Girlfriend" Gawker article. It's just going on and on and getting into who is responsible for proving the null hypothesis, and methods validity of demographers. I can just imagine skahammer's ego instructing him: "No—dig up, stupid."

Maybe The Internet has done things to my memory, but skahammer wasn't always this bad, right? Like, he had a few good moments years back. I can't recall exactly when he turned into everyone's handsy uncle at an all-you-can-eat-buffet, but he wasn't always that guy.

Speculation (and please weigh in with your take on the null hypothesis and an appropriate alternative research design): but are you seeing commenters from way back—who were all right then—now reappearing and saying batshit stuff? Or is it just me noticing this? Or is it that my phone is so small and Gawker takes sooooooo long to load and even then it's glitchy that I am accidentally seeing the same usernames and comments again and again on every fucking article?