(These are not clinical definitions).

So yesterday was nuts at work because I had to sit in on some meetings for my boss. Usually hate this because, you know, meetings, and everyone brings in snacks to make it bearable, but I can't have any. Then I end up behind because some of the financial stuff I can only do in my office.

A group is launching a new project. One one side of the table is someone who is a medium-grade asshole (MGA) in need of constant ego-gratification. Everyone defers to him. At one point in life he was the one amongst the dinosaurs who knew anything about technology. On the other side is a newish tech person (TECHIE), a woman who has no social skills and can't stop telling people they are wrong. MGA keeps throwing out comments and embarrassingly bad ideas which weren't even germane to the primary discussion. Each time, TECHIE was like, "but nobody does that anymore" . . ."maybe ten years ago" . . . "you are not understanding . . . "

He was determined to get something right so he kept going on and on. I was:

So the meeting went over and the convener apologized to me after for not stopping it. I was like, "I could've have watched that shit ALL DAY." Someone should probably pull techie aside and tell her to tone it down, but she's too much fun.