With all the talk on the Interwebz about the LGBT agenda and gender, it spurred my thoughts on Jews. My old man is 91 years old (I'm 48, but that's another story) and he was raised in Omaha. Omaha was, and still is, a very racist town. He's a brilliant thinker who earned his MBA after the war and yet no one (Protestant or Catholic) would hire him except another Jew. He told me stories of travelling through different parts of the country where he was not allowed to stay in the same hotels as "white people." In the northeast, no one would have given him a second look, but in the west, the nose and especially the ears were a dead giveaway. In his later years he managed the operations for a large scrap metal yard in Omaha. His entire crew was African-American and he supported their quest for Civil Rights as he does for anyone. Jews are fairly well tolerated these days. I say tolerated since in most places west of the Hudson, you still have to keep it on the DL ( until you get to L.A., the Promised Land)

Tolerated, but not accepted.

There is a difference between tolerance and acceptance. Tolerance is forced and exists solely at the behest of the rule of law and the State. When people believe that they are not subject to the laws of the State (e.g. Fundamentalists of any denomination) they will only tolerate the "other." What I find interesting, is that openly gay politicians are far more truthful about themselves than Jews in the same position. They proclaim themselves to be the "other" and are comfortable with it and the ramifications of their disclosure, but Jews aren't. Here in Texas, where it is election season, the campaign commercials tout three things: immigration; fighting Obama ; and something overtly Christian. Christian politicians are more than happy to proffer their bona fides about church attendance, yet a Jewish politician never lets it be known that he goes to Friday services and loves a nice bowl of Matzoh ball soup (who doesn't?) Nope, it's always sub rosa.

Currently there are 10 Senators and 23 Representiatives who are Jews. There will never be a Jewish President or a gay President for that matter. Too much of the country has been flash-fried by traditionally Southern ideals. But I would hope that Jewish politicians will come out of their closet. Have a photo op at a Seder, create the world's largest Pastrami sandwich for charity, do something that shows that you are not the sterotypical, neurotic mensch that the media wants everyone to believe.