I was literally—LITERALLY—typing a comment to brotherparish about what I would do if I ever decided to assassinate someone. Do you think that was God telling me not to joke about such things on the internet? Does the NSA control the weather now? Do earthquakes even qualify as weather?

Nilla's on call tonight, boo, so sitting at home watching Soylent Green. Anyway nothing feel over and everyone's safe. You don't need to worry.

So there's this barbecue/soul food place I pass every day on my way to work (some may recall I work in the 'hood) and for the longest I've been planning to stop there and try it out. I'd heard good things from a local. Having suffered a major hassle (idiot me locked my keys in my car and had to call AAA—for the second day in a row) I stopped in to try it out. I got the "sliced beef" (which turned out to be tritip, not brisket).

It was possibly the worst barbecue I've ever had, no exaggeration. Stupid place, I don't have the possibility of trying it to look forward to anymore. Now all I have left to drool over is Harriet's, the cheesecake store.