In honor of Michelle Dean's banging post on Hazlitt, which serendipitously went up while I was composing this wad of snark, and inspired by an unanticipatedly well-received comment from last night which suggests I'm not alone:

This writer has really been phoning it in lately with such startlingly jejune offerings as "Nick Cannon Got Booed Off the Court at a Knicks Game," "Woman Drives Through a CVS," and "Senator Goes to the Wrong Hearing, Begins Questioning Official."

Then the other day there was "Searchers Zero in on Search Area for Missing Plane" aka "Searchers Search for Searching Place to Find Missing Thing."

She is the Gawker equivalent of that Simpsons' gag about the Al Gore doll who says "you are hearing me talk" when you pull the string. She has a notable lack of humor/lightness in her stories, she avoids the comments to the point of being sullen, and she has a particular knack for posting stories that amplify whatever atmospheric depressive symptoms were present in your surroundings by approximately one and a half clicks. Which makes me think she's probably somewhat depressed herself, a completely understandable reaction to having stuck yourself with such an absurd non de plume. (Let's not even get started on the profile pic.)

The only thing I can really say in her favor is that her Twitter, which I diligently researched as background to this post, is respectably sparse.