Apropos of an interminable thread on that tragic story about the girl who was shot, I started thinking. What do we think about white people who say things like, "white people suck"?

Obviously I don't have any issue with critiques of white privilege and stuff. I mean, there is a lot to criticize. Say your piece and I'll try to hear the message. But people like the OP in that thread come across as pointlessly self-flagellating. I don't get the purpose of it, it doesn't seem helpful, it rubs me wrong in some way I can't quite put my finger on. It's not like I feel protective or defensive of white people, for chrissakes. If a person of color said that I'd just nod and be like, "yeah, that makes sense." I suppose I'm just annoyed at the OP for being what seems to me like a histrionic creep, maybe even a sycophant. Maybe even a person who is trying to evade their own responsibility by taking the easy way out? Shouldn't this person be busy trying as hard as they can not to suck?

I believe the larger point the OP was trying to make in the thread is that we, white people, suck because we all benefit from the privileges associated from being white and don't fight hard enough to put an end to racism, bigotry, and institutional biases. And I think it's fair to accuse the vast majority of people of being complicit through their complacency. But obviously I would prefer a more nuanced view of the world in which there are shades of gray and many people of all colors including white have some redeeming features that are noodging us ever more gradually toward a less fucked up world. Am I just being defensive? I can't figure it out.