We can all take a guess as to what whitewashing is: taking a character that was originally written as a Person of Color and having the visual character (television, film, or theater) suddenly *poof!* be Caucasian. After watching Duel in the Sun last night (where January Jones plays Pearl Chavez [yes, Chavez]), I started thinking about all of the other whitewashed characters out there, and wondering about what people thought of the other characters who’ve had their race erased.

What characters have been whitewashed? Any famous/familiar roles that have been read one way and acted out another?

For me, Natalie Wood playing Maria might take the cake. That “accent!” That skin tone!

So tell me, ClashTalkers: What whitewashing have you noticed? What characters were miscast?


As always, put your replies in the comments below (and pictures/videos are always helpful)!