As I've noted in the past, I try to keep track of the kind people who recommend my posts.

Unsung American heroes like CumOnYoFace (who, come to that I think of it, might have been Hugo Schwyzer using a burner account). Tonight there were a couple more heroes who deserve attention. I can't find a couple of ones I like, but thank you, GangMember and DontBeAnAsshole. Your contributions are appreciated.

But it's not all praise; I, even I, come in for my share of criticism. The other day I suggested on DS that a shirtless, shoeless Steve Spurrier was still dressed up enough by South Carolina standards to officiate weddings. Someone named AngriestGeek didn't take kindly to my slandering the good and august tastes of a state that, by law, prohibits removing the Confederate flag from in front of its capitol building. (S)he elevated the discourse thusly:

South Carolina still has debutante balls, so you clearly don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

In my state of bedazzlement at such a rhetorical flourish, I inadvertently dismissed the comment, for which I am deeply sorry. For the record, I also apologize for saying, "Shove that up your cracker ass" while doing so.