...That Jezebel’s TERFs come out in droves in any thread about the safety of trans people?

I’m a transsexual, I know how it feels to be uncomfortable in situations from which there isn’t escape. Every cis male that has approached me in a romantic context has assaulted or harassed me and I was even sexually assaulted by a stranger in a trans safe space. I know how it feels not to want to share a space with someone because of a past experience.

However, my feeling uncomfortable doesn’t justify putting an entire population at risk.

What if a trans woman is violent towards cis women? I can also understand that concern. However, in many jail systems that allow trans people to exist in the jails that fit to their identity, they undergo an evaluation to see of they’re even fit for the general population, let alone if they should belong with our cis peers. 9.9 times out of 10, we’re the ones scared of you.


A lot of incarcerated trans women actually prefer men’s prisons because of the treatment they got in a women’s prison from the general population. Yet, we’re the danger?

And all this is long before we consider the fact that trans men exist. If you thought a woman that may have a penis is scary, wait until you see a bearded, tatted man that may or may not have a penis!


Point is, this is the bathroom bill argument all over again. Unless there is some cold hard data to support the idea that trans women inherently pose a danger to cis women, this is transphobia.

I guarantee that a cis woman’s greatest risk in a women’s prison is other cis women, not us.


Again, I sympathize...but we cannot accept TERF and right wing rhetoric when it comes to trans people.