Fuck the mainpage. I am not an animal rights activist and stories about PETA activism make me want to eat steak sandwiches with Cruella D'Vil while wearing a mink coat.*

But I read the Guardian article that Mark based his "Wet Goddess" story on and now I'm outraged at the commenters who are going on about how this dolphin raped her or that she was the victim of his sexual interest. THIS WAS A CAPTIVE ANIMAL FOR FUCK'S SAKE. They took him from his natural habitat for something that had no real benefits for dolphins (teaching him English) and abandoned him when they were done. And he died of a broken heart within weeks.

I bet if dolphins did learn English they would say "Stop polluting my house and leave us the fuck alone."

* I confess to being one of the folks who read dolphinsex.org back in the day. Because it was there.

ETA: now it's on Gawker Mainpage. Can't link.

ETA: Two stories on Dolphin -human sex on Gawker. Who ever thought there would be three places to talk about fucking dolphins in one day. It's not gay marriage that leads to accepting bestiality, it's blogging.