Y’all. I’m so frustrated that I’m risking mild motion sickness to write this post while riding in the front seat the car.

To all the dizzy folks who read today’s DirtBag and falsely proclaimed the entire mess regarding Kim K and her disrespect of Donda’s House as petty- this tweet is not shade:

“Sorry to all of my followers for flooding my timeline I know you have no idea who Rhymefest is”

It’s only “shade” if you know nothing about Kanye and the overall situation. In which case, why you proclaiming this shade? Stop.

Let’s not pretend like Rhymefest didn’t co-write Jesus Walks.

Let’s not pretend like Kanye didn’t fly Rhymefest to fucking Wyoming because he wanted his help.


Let’s not pretend that there are people out here wealthier and more established than Kim or Kanye because all they did was write hits and no one know what the hell they look like and never will.

This ain’t shade. This is pure ignorance which is what this goofy woman is made of. That and fillers.