That's right, ClashTalkers! I've been given posting privileges and I'm using my new-found power to Nope the fuck out of here!

I've got too much real life to live right now. And especially with news like this, which just broke in Israel/Palestine, plus what happened this morning in Ukraine, not to mention the fear mongering* that's been occurring concerning the undocumented immigrants coming in from Central America, I think it might be time to take a break from the Internet.

Anyway, so yeah. Basically, fuck all these things.


I'm out. In fact, I'm about to be running late to that real life I'll be living. I've gotta be at wedding rehearsal/rehearsal dinner in half an hour and I'm not even dressed. Fuck dressing up, it's 100 degrees out. I'm wearing jeans. And boots. Like a proper fucking Texas lady. Specifically, these boots:

They're made for walking. And I'm gonna walk all over the damn place. And then tomorrow afternoon is the wedding. I'll be sweating in a satin dress.


Fuck, Clash Talk! Fuck! I think my flounce resolve will be thoroughly eroded by then. I don't know if it's open bar or not (God, I hope so), but if it's not, I'll definitely be sneaking back here to get Clash Drunk and drown out the misery of the chicken dance and pretending to be desperate enough to want to catch the bouquet. I haven't yet thought of what new name I'll take once my flounce is over, though.

Anyway, now I've got 20 minutes to finish getting ready and head on over to the church. Peace out!

*hahaha.... fucking Republicans. That town that supposedly got taken over by a Mexican gang called La Raza (The Race, or Our People) is, like, the WORST town to choose for your fucking hoax. First of all, Sarita isn't on the border. Second of all, Sarita sits about 70 miles north of the border, along one of the only two highways that lead out of the Rio Grande Valley. And it just so happens to be the site of one of two Border Patrol checkpoints (the other being on US Highway 281, which is the only other road out of the Rio Grande Valley). In essence, it's a militarized town, fuckers! That'd be like an asshole trying to rob the Dunkin Donuts that's across the street from a police station.