I’ve been tired of this narrative.

The one that came out in full force following the election of an unrepentant bigot and narcissist. The one that says that liberals need to reach out to the horrible people who voted for a horrible person, knowing full well he was horrible. Forget the fact that some of us have been dehumanized by these voters and the people they decided to put in charge over our lives. What we marginalized people must- MUST- do is throw ourselves into Red America and hold out our hand in love and forgiveness.

Shut. Up. That doesn’t work. It’s a lie perpetrated by white people who don’t want to believe that their racist uncle is racist.

I speak as someone who live the first 25 years of my life in one of the reddest states in America.

I was quite disappointed that this was like the main theme of the rebooted Queer Eye. When I tell you that I wanted to crawl out of my skin and scratch out my eyes during that cop episode.

I did not like this reboot. It was overall okay because some of the makeovers were bigots and discussing how we need to find common ground with them


So when I read this article about the new season and how it is sticking to the “progressive ethos” from the first season, my first thought is “well, this show isn’t for me.” But the writer wrote that they meant more genders will be included in the makeovers. If that is what they mean by “sticking to progressive ethos,” then yay. But I’mma need someone to watch this season for me to see if they pull the same, mealy liberal bs from the previous season. Honestly, I just needed to rant about the first season and how I don’t trust this new season until others tell me what’s truly up.

Also, most people know how to make guacamole. Why was the show focused on  that process but not the guy who like revamped entire homes in two days? I just really love interior decorating shows but hate everything on HGTV except Love It or List It.