Christ on a fucking bike, I didn't want a windows 8 laptop touch screen doo dar. I was happy with Android tablet, but no you won't connect to the scanner will you. Which was the sodding reason why I bought you, because the laptops fucked and the screens fucked and the wifi keeps cutting out , fucked,and I need you to operate a business and put food on the table and shoes on the kids feet. No you've gone back to the shop and instead of making the smart choice and getting a cheap google laptop that connects to my phone. I get this windows 8 shite because it had touch screen and I'm a fiend for shiny lights and whirly buttons. Now nothing works there's no fucking simple email app because Microsoft wants to get it's grubby mitts on everything. Email, a bit writy stuff and speadsheet stuff that my wife can use because I'm a fucking luddite, it's not hard is it . Is it?

Make my life easier technology! Make it easier with bells on! The power of Littlewing compels you.

*cry's uncontrollably*