And I took the plunge and paid my $4.99. What pisses me off though is that they didn't just pop up on the free app and say, "This app is no longer free. To continue playing you need to download the pay version by x date." No, they just pushed an update that rendered the app useless and made all us cheapskates figure it out. Geez, annoying. Probably most of all for you schmoes who have to listen to me complain.

PREVIOUSLY: I updated my WWF yesterday since it popped up on my phone as an update. And ran into problems when the "Your Moves" won't load, even though I'm getting the notifications.

I tried quitting, restarting phone, etc and when those didn't work, I thought I'd re-download and re-install the whole app. Guess what? "Not available in your country." So is only the pay version available now? No more free version?

Anyone else have this issue? I've searched all over the interwebs and so far no one seems to be talking about this. Am I just a cheapskate and everyone is using the pay version?