That's my Saturday. Folks, I need a suggestion for a next read. Just finished the book about the Donner Party I've been blathering about. I know one of you is going to brilliantly suggest something I already have in this house. Who read The Little Friend, The Marriage Plot, The Red House, or What is the What? Should I challenge myself and go for Dickens? Do I just kick back with one of my many unread Swedish mysteries?

This morning I went to a novel writing class and the people are GREAT. It's tiny so we were able to really hash out our ideas. I've been working on mine since law school (who has the time) and was on my third major revision in the last few months. Then I started hitting a wall - too many characters, too much going on, and it wasn't fun for me anymore. Today the teacher suggested I start the novel at a different point in time and it's a WONDERFUL suggestion but my GOD I have to go all the way back?! This process, I swear.