I think that everyone needs to be made aware of some stuff about Magister, Crosstalk's moderator. I initially shared my comment to Clashtalk from GT, but then remembered that we're trying to get into the habit of putting this stuff in posts. People need to read this thread, though.

I'm also going to cut and paste the conversation below, just in case the link doesn't show all of the relevant info. I don't trust Kinja to display things right.

ME: When BonMorte was posting my address and making rape threats, Magister WENT OUT OF HIS WAY to make it clear to me that BM was welcome in Crosstalk as long as he commented there under an account he hadn't used to threaten to rape me. Magister then told Owl to "get the fuck out" of Crosstalk just because she posts in Clashtalk. He is a terrible mod and a blatant misogynist. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess he's probably a pretty shitty person to boot.

SNACKTASTIC: Ugh. I had no idea. What a fucker. I'm so sorry you had to deal with such asshattery from him. I only withdrew bc he admitted to sending burners to my kinja to stir shit up. I can't believe all the other shit he pulled that's so much worse.

FLOWERGIRLXYL0C41N3: Wait, what?! Do share!

SNACKTASTIC: Well, this was very frustrating for me and probably not a big story but aggravating nonetheless. I was trying to get people to talk a little and this was after a lot of POC were being trolled by burners, which he knew was a problem. Which I think I might have even referenced as a problem. So he came over and said something shit-stirry as a burner—I don't even remember. It was just irritating. When I talked to him about it, he admitted that was him and then told me he wasn't mad at me (OH GOOD). He's admitted to using them another time and it bugs me that I've had to argue with him when he's not honest about his identity.

It was that and stuff I was hearing—bits and pieces, that made me realize I had to exit crosstalk and then I was approached to make our own blog—even with a snarky title to raspberry him a bit. But only a bit. So I realized I could just go somewhere else.

ME: HOLY SHIT, MAGISTER HARASSES PEOPLE WITH BURNERS? Good god, he has NO BUSINESS being a mod. That is so motherfucking creepy and wrong. I used to think he was a harmless and strangely emotionally flat doofus, but this stuff all adds up to a genuinely sinister and disturbing picture. People should be actively warned away from posting in Crosstalk—in particular women. And probably PoCs too, given that it's pretty well-established that he's a racist. But especially women.

I once warned him that AlphaDogg33/Paul Ryan and GareBear (especially GareBear) were actually dangerous to women on these boards. GareBear has a history of violence, batshit insane harassment and stalking, and making really scary threats towards women. AlphaDogg/Paul Ryan would feed people's contact info to GareBear when GB was going on one of his truly scary tears. And Magister told me the same thing he told me about BonMorte—that they were all welcome to post on Crosstalk despite their past behavior. He actively goes out of his way to not protect female users on his forums.

Fuck that guy. What a bastard.