I have lived in NC my whole life every way down 64/40, which if you know NC, means 9+ hours of driving and a range of demographics. I know there are Confederate flags and statues. I also know that gerrymandering, red-lining, and voting restrictions are a blatant ploy to keep ‘people’ in their place, and keep them from voting for change.

I tried reading the Splinter articles about Florence, and the comments were horrible. “Fuck these people, they voted for Trump so they deserve it”.

No. Fuck you and your absolute blue/red state electoral map. Fuck you for ignoring the fact that NC went for Obama. Fuck you for ignoring all the NC Republican manipulation despite protest. That large parts of Central/Eastern NC counties are disenfranchised, and now Immigration is trying to subpoena voting records.

But most of all, FUCK YOU for overlooking the fact that every time eastern NC floods, it’s largely POC who lose their homes and can’t rebuild. Who get hog shit overwash because Big Pig is better protected than North Carolinians. Who couldn’t vote for stronger protections because of illegal voting laws. Who still aren’t home after Matthew.