Now, I get the intended parable of this story, that you shouldn’t dismiss anyone outright because of the support they claim. And in a world where conservative thought is an actual logical coherent thing... it would be an apt one.

The problem is that Trump breaks that rule too. He’s not really conservative, nor are most of the people who are currently with the Republican Party. 

Presuming this actually happened in the good faith it’s portrayed, AOC asked the wrong question.

Instead of, “With all respect sir, how do you... manage to support both of us at the same time?” The question she should have asked was, “With all respect sir, why do you support Trump?”

Something tells me she would have quickly found at least ten deal-breaking reasons to not proceed any further. But hey, at least now we know that if you butter her up with talk about climate change, she’ll let anything else slide without further query.


So progressive. So admirable. Wow.

(P.S. Expect Splinter to have absolutely nothing to say on this.)