I thought it was perfectly clear in my original comment, that I was speaking about the dead woman’s husband. That was the point of saying “So does this mean the guy seen kissing her in the picture is single?” Which would also imply that I know the woman is dead, hence single guy.

I mean, the headline, and the story, make it emphatically clear that the woman involved in the story is a dead Dr.. The only other Dr. referenced in the story is the husband. Since only one of the Drs. involved in the story is alive, and I referred to him as a guy, and a Dr., in my comment, it should not be that difficult for people to understand who I was talking about.

Right out of the gate, the first response is truly jaw dropping. I know sweetie. It’s in the headline, it’s in the story. What in the fuck would ever lead you to believe that was a picture of her and the producer that she met for the first time in her life at 3:30 A.M. after a coke fueled night of bar hopping? Really? Do you really think that is a picture of two strangers on an all night coke binge right before one of them died of an overdose?

It only gets worse from there. My initial comment was simply meant to imply that I thought the husband is attractive. What happened? I don’t know, but it pisses me off that this is the lunacy spawned by Kinja. Total cluster fuck. Try clicking all replies and pending, and see if any of it makes any sense in relation to my original comment.