I had jury duty for three days.

And I will say this about my experience on a jury panel: If you ever get caught up in a criminal case, and you have the choice between a judge or jury, godspeed and cross your fingers. I got nothing for you. That jury room is a ready-made toxic environment, and people try to play mind games like I don’t see what they’re doing.

Also, if you yell “You are thinking based on emotions” while throwing your hands in the air and hitting your head on the table, I would like to point out a mirror for you to look at.

But shout out to my county for switching over from check stipends to just straight up cash because both my credit cards are out of commission because of a glitch on one and fraud (due to someone going on a spree at Macys) on the others.


What has been happening? Emmy Noms? I hope Keri Russell and The Americans gets all the things. You can fight me.


Henry Cavill apparently is too handsome and too stupid. Natch.

World Cup Final this Sunday and my team, France, didn’t let me down (even though I missed the latest match because the State couldn’t get its shit together). I’ll be making a fool of myself on Sunday if Les Bleus win.

This weekend, I’ll be going to the David Bowie Is exhibit. I excited. It’s what I deserve after this exhausting week.