I want to bitch slap him on a weekly basis. It takes me a full week to make it through his articles, that I totally hate read. He is currently ranked number 2 on my fantasy fight list, and I want to drink the blood of innocence out of his freshly scalped skull.

Reading a Gregggg article is like punching yourself in the dick with an oversized vacuum pumped penis. favorite part of Greggg Easterbrook is how he calls out ego, AND IN THE SAME SENTENCE REFER TO HIMSELF IN THE THIRD PERSON!

If I hated my penis I would name it Greggggg Easterbrook. I am considering encouraging all of my friends to name their children Greggggg just because I already hate their adorable faces, and I should hate the time they take away from my friends, their parents...

I think if I was the next pope I would take the name Gregggg Easterbrook. There is not a bigger, more misunderstood genius in this world, and that is exactly what a poope should be.

That is my rant.