I hit the lowest point yet in this year the other day. I had promised myself I would never be caught alive at a Karaoke joint but there I was - drinking beer on Ladies Night KARA-MUFFAFLUFFIN-OKE. Thankfully I did not drink enough to sing.

As you climb up to the pub the overpowering stench of single-life desperation hits you followed by the reminder about why breeders are so sexless - can we be anymore awkward? The second song that someone sang after I entered was Cemetry Gates. My god. There was of course the dude who had practiced volume levels but chose the most inoffensive furniture of a song. Some E.T-eyed dude screamangled his way through Pour some Sugar on me. Women either single-mumbled or gang-vocaled it. There were a bunch of lesbians (probably regulars) in one corner of the pub.

The only time I perked up was for Fat Bottom girls. This link allows me to transition into some completely trashy california party music for the summer. Beware of this earworm drop that will refuse to leave you once infected. I am a sucker for good choreography and thankful for any dude who can sing and dance and is not Chris Brown.

Keep an eye out for

  • 'yo booty like two planets' drop and heave move at 1:53
  • ice sculpture butt crack at 3:03
  • BP around 1:21
  • and moi at 2:31.

The next one is more after dark, codeine flow. All these women around me, still am sprung out on her.

Finally, a family whose vine-length clip's interior design and dance reminds us that we must stop the breeders, especially these Indians/Pakistanis.