I think my new apartment is haunted. I've had "feelings" since we moved in a couple of weeks ago and today sold the deal. I had just washed a vase for roses my boyf bought for me (we had a fight this AM).

I used the dishwasher to let the vase dry off. I secured the thing on the basket thing. My boyf was on the ground looking for a serial and model number for the dishwasher. Out of no where, the vase drops and crashes everywhere on the floor. The vase was in the middle of the rack.

It was physically impossible that it would have dropped on its own. There was glass everywhere, except on us.

Come to found out, our building was built in 1873 and for a while it was used as a hospice type of space. There are at least 5 folks who have died in our building during that time. All the activity (shadows and such) I've experienced was only in the kitchen and bathroom. That area used to be a lounging deck back in the day until the owner expanded to make more room.