It was bad enough when Trump was leading in the polls, but I could chalk it up to “Who’s even answering polls this early? Probably a bunch of xenophobic zealots.” And I started buying into the conspiracy theory that Trump is just being supported by the Republican party so that the eventual candidate (which won’t be Trump) will look far more moderate and logical and presidential in comparison.

And now Ben Carson is leading. The doctor with absolutely no political experience, who believes in a literal reading of Genesis, doesn’t believe in evolution (and has shown in discussing it that he fundamentally misunderstands what the theory of evolution even is), thinks climate change isn’t caused by people, and thinks the economy “wouldn’t be hard to fix” and he can fix it by exchanging income tax for a FLAT TAX of 10% (bonus: he picked 10% because then “it’s easy to run the numbers”). And anything other than a flat tax is socialism. And any sort of public healthcare is socialism. This is a man who said being gay is a choice (proven because some prisoners go to prison straight and come out gay... which just... I can’t even), gay marriage is akin to allowing people to marry animals or children, and the current AP US History curriculum inspires students to join ISIS (because it talks about bad things the US did).

The guy is honestly a moron. Are the vast majority of Republicans morons? It makes me wonder. I feel like that wasn’t the case 10 years ago. I disagreed with Republicans, but they had arguments and there was some logic there, even if I found it to be lacking. There’s no logic at all anymore. They just seem to be a seething bunch of Bible-thumping hatemongering idiots.