Help me plan a bachelorette party?

The key thing here is that the lovely bride-to-be is not a crazy partier, nor am I. She has requested a night in with games and wine and cheese, and said she's happy to have it at her place, which sounds great and easy to plan. But I am also thinking of surprising her by taking her out to a Paint Nite. (For the uninitiated, this is an event where you go to a bar and drink while someone walks you through doing a painting.) It's totally up her alley, and I've done a bachelorette Paint Nite before and had a great time.

Logistics are stressing me out though. Everything is happening fast, so I really have to get a move on. She lives in north NJ and there are absolutely no Paint Nites on Saturdays in north NJ. (Why??) The only option is to go into NYC, and I'm nervous that will be a nightmare. Another bridesmaid suggested we could go in the afternoon, which would avoid crazy Saturday night traffic. So the plan would be: meet at bachelorette's place, probably rent a limo to pick us up and take us to the city for Paint Nite, go back to her place, wine/cheese/board games. If this starts in the afternoon, I also need to figure out dinner at her place. Maybe I could cook something or order pizzas? Would that be tacky?


Suggestions would be welcome.