I am happy as a clam. (Why is that an expression? Discuss.)

Holy shit, this 'husband' thing - we hate the word fiancé, and "boyfriend" seems a little light - is the absolute jam. My BFF is here all the time, he loves to grill me some food, and our biggest problem in life is our cats not being ready to meet and not hiss at each other.

It takes me about 15 minutes to get to work; it takes me less than 10 to get home. Are you kidding me? What are these extra two hours for? I've determined they're largely for manicures and crossword puzzles. I dunno, it's weird, my life is suddenly a lot easier for right now and I'm adjusting to it. I love having my sweetheart here and I love mattering at work and having people who do the same thing I do and therefore care about it.

All I'd really change is getting back cable but that's a whole Couple Finance Discussion and we are having fun watching HBO GO so things are pretty cool.

Love y'all. I have the opp to see Mrs. KM here in Atlanta in a few weeks and can't wait!


ETA: I am neglecting y'all so badly because I don't have a work computer yet. Just shadowing in court and learning a new area of law.