That’s what this flimsy little canvas art says on my bathroom wall. My fiancee bought it at Family Dollar a few months ago in hopes of making our bathroom feel more cozy.

He passed away last night in a car accident while visiting family on the East Coast. He was supposed to be back home next week.

I went to my therapist for a last minute session today. A lot of tissues were used in the session. He recommended I write a goodbye letter. I figure this would be a better forum than Facebook. It’s not the best he deserves, but here goes...

Dear Ben,

You will always be sitting next to me. I will always have the passenger seat available for you. I will always sleep knowing you’re snoring to my right. I will never hear your voice again, but I will never forget it. You gave me so much confidence when I needed it. When you took a walk with me before all those job interviews, I was so happy. When I didn’t get the job, you just hugged me.

I remember every single walk we took together. Those really long walks along the Charles. I remember the walk we took and discovered a building we’d never seen before. You looked up at it and you were so impressed. You were even more impressed every time we tried a new burger joint. No bacon, only cheese with ketchup and mustard. Maybe a little spice on the right day.


You always protected me and made me feel like a King. You taught me to be strong, too. I’m trying to be strong now. For you. I’m trying.

We didn’t get to marry, but a piece of paper doesn’t mean you weren’t my husband at heart. I know you never believed in heaven or anything spiritual, but I do believe in flimsy bathroom canvas signs that you picked out. You’re a star, Ben... shine on.