Today in my daughter's conflict resolution class they tackled the polarizing but intriguing (not really) issue of zoos. Are zoos good or are zoos bad. I can't believe they dared to teach this burning controversy. Not like there's any other raging insanity going on right now worth discussing.

I will say, though, that the issue of zoos is near and dear to my heart owing to the fact that I grew up very near one of the 10 worst zoos in America (well, according to Parade magazine)—due to "bare, cell-like environments that can cause physical and emotional damage to animals." I was surprised to learn it's still in operation, and with the claim (citation needed) that the cages have been upgraded and improved. When I was growing up, though, the place was known as a total dump. There was a bear with an incredible case of bear mange.

This was your daily rambling screed. Think about your position on zoos. Think and think hard.